Sanctuary at Oak Creek

What Can YOU Do?

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for the good men to do nothingEdmund Burke

Stop this madness from happening to you or one of your neighbors. Realize that this can happen to YOU!  Many of you know there has been, and continues to be, selective enforcement of the HOA covenants and rules.

What can YOU do?.
  1. Contact board members and ask for documentation as to how much money has been spent on legal fees so you can see how your HOA fees are being spent.  Ask yourself why haven't we been mailed the 2013 financial statements?  We believe the board doesn't want you to know how much they are spending on legal fees against ONE homeowner!
  2. Request that the board contact the insurance company to provide legal representation so that the burden of paying for legal assistance no longer comes from your HOA fees. Many homeowners had no idea the lawsuit existed, and if they had, would not have agreed to it.
  3. Pressure board members to sit down with us in a face to face meeting in order to end this expensive debacle.  When people sit down to discuss conflict, resolutions can be achieved.
  4. Call or email board members to find out if they are voting to continue or settle this lawsuit.  Remember, they are spending our money! 
  5. Consider becoming a board member or architectural control committee member. Current board members are vested in not ending this ridiculous lawsuit.  One long time board member, Kelly Coglianese, is not an owner of a house in Sanctuary, lives over 500 miles away and has been phoning in to board meetings for the past 5 years.  Board members should preferably be local homeowners who can attend meetings in person.

The following past and current board members have, at some point, voted to continue this frivolous lawsuit.  These names are taken from the official minutes. If you want this foolish lawsuit to end, do not re-elect any of these board members:
  • Philip K. Bell - owner of 9105
  • Kelly Ann Coglianese - not an owner nor a resident in the community
  • Lana Goldfarb and Mike Oertel (husband and wife) - co-owners of 9038
  • Brian O'Connor - owner of 9109
  • Joanne Ward - owner of 9063
  • Other past board members may also have voted to continue the lawsuit, but many board meeting minutes do not exist, or were lost. No explanation for the lost minutes has been given by either the management company or the board.

Click here  to view the board minutes where the board members "voted"  to continue the lawsuit.


To deny Florida-friendly landscaping is violation of Florida law.  The below architectural committee members are/were committee members who have denied our landscaping requests using Florida-friendly plants.  They should not be board or architectural control committee members.
  • Linda and Philip K. Bell (husband and wife) - co-owners of 9105
  • Steve Burris - owner of 9015
  • Angelo Cappucci - owner of 9010
  • Lana Goldfarb and Mike Oertel (husband and wife) - co-owners of 9038
  • Jimmy Thompson - owner of 9030

Sanctuary Board members are vested with the fiduciary duty to all of us homeowners.  They control our money and our common property. Board members are supposed to be independent decision makers. The board is compromised of 3-5 members so that the best interest of the community is the priority, not the best interest of 1-2 board members. Following the lead of a revengeful board member or members is also a breach of fiduciary duty.