• Special Meeting, Thursday, May 19, 2016 for Amendments to our Documents- Second try!

Rivercrest CDD Community Room, 6:00 pm

The board is, once again, attempting to revise our community documents without any input from community members.  The recent mailing for the announcement of the special meeting contained, in our opinion, one ridiculous amendment about board member terms and another about renting properties.  Was this the reason our legal fees were so high in 2015 ($16,018)?  To have the HOA attorney, Nathan Frazier (our 3rd attorney in the last two years, by the way) compose amendments for director terms and for rentals?  How about spending some money on settling the frivolous lawsuit?  Or what about spending some money on cleaning and repairing our cracked sidewalks? 

Why does the board insist on having special meetings as far from the community as possible?  So no one shows up?  6:00 pm on a week night is barely time for any of the working folks to make it on time.  Is the purpose of this for board members to collect proxies, and only proxies that vote the way the board members want?

Can you believe this?  The 2018 HOA budget meeting was held, without the proper time notice, at the Meritus Property Management location in Tampa.  Not ONE, yes, that is correct, not ONE board member attended in person.  The board members attended via conference call.  If you were one of the homeowners who attended in person, you might want to consider removing them from office at the next annual election.  (If there is an annual election.)

Breaking News!  11/21/2014

Board of Directors and Budget meeting on Monday, December 1, 2014 at 7:00 PM

Lake Fantasia Community Center

8350 Fantasia Parkway, Riverview, FL 

Sanctuary budget meeting notice was mailed out in a timely manner.  The first notice was mailed without the proposed budget. The second notice, mailed the next day, had the proposed budget included.

The proposed budget, although there are now 10 months of actual expenses, only shows actual expenses up until July 2014.  Meritus Associations has the completed October financials on the website.  Why wasn't the proposed budget sheet updated with the most current numbers?  For homeowner's convenience, we have entered the current year to date amounts in the margin of the 2015 proposed budget. Click here to view the document.

Here's a few questions for the treasurer of our association:

  1. Management services are budgeted for $9,500 for 2015.  Current year charges are only $5,263.25.  Budget for 2014 was only $6,556.00.  Is Meritus Associations raising their fees by 50% for 2015?  Or is this an attempt to pad the budget to match the income? 
  2. Legal fees paid to date are $12,266.50.  That's already $4,000 over the $ 8,300 that was budgeted for this year. Why is the board planning on spending another $10,834.67 for 2015?   We have said we are willing to have a face to face meeting to settle the lawsuit.  If the board is also willing to settle, why are legal fees budgeted to be $10,834.67 and why is it an exact amount?
  3. Why is there $1200 budgeted for street sweeping and maintenance?  The last time there were any expenses related to street cleaning it was a total of $750 paid in Jan and Feb 2013.  Another attempt to pad expenses where expenses?  How many times in the past 9 years have we been told the street was going to be cleaned?   Does anyone remember if it ever has been cleaned?
  4. Why do 6 other accounts have budgeted expenses for 2015 when nothing has been spent in those accounts for the past 10 months? 
  5. Why are we spending so much money on gate maintenance and repairs each year?  The past board members have changed our entry system to keep track of so-called vandalism.  Apparently, it's not working.  Gate repairs have cost $5,561.03 so far this year (not including November costs).   Gate repairs for 2013 were also about $6,000. The proposed budget is only $2,100 for 2015.  Is this a realistic budget expense for 2015?   Gate repairs are definitely under-budgeted, unless the board is planning on permanently shutting off one entrance.

Breaking News!  3/20/2015

Meritus Associations sent out 11 pages of "updated" policies and rules for the Sanctuary. The board of directors, Lana Goldfarb, Angelo Cappuci, Kelly, Coglianese, Charlotte Bright, and Brian O'Connor approved the policies and rules at the March 2, 2015 board meeting.

Fact:  Homeowners were not notified that the board was considering updating policies and procedures. Nor were they notified that a new committee called "Covenants Enforcement Committee".

Fact:  The only policy that was "updated" was the Collection Policy.  All the other policies are new policies.

Fact:There has never been a Covenants Enforcement Committee. The new Guidelines and Schedule of Fines includes a board resolution to create the Covenants Enforcement Committee.

Fact:The Covenant Violation Fining and Cure Schedule designates 15 days for "reasonable opportunity to cure", except for lawns/sod which designates 30 days.  Opinion:  Since the treasurer's husband, Chris Coglianese finally hired someone to clean up their yard, the board has now decided to give homeowners very short windows to cure violations.  Coglianese had a wild yard and dead sod for months.

Fact: There is a new policy regarding the frequency, time, location, notice, and manner of record inspections.  Homeowners may only request inspection of the records once in any thirty (30) day period.  Opinion: The board does not want homeowners inspecting HOA records. Why not?  This homeowner had only requested inspection of the records twice in 10 years.  It appears that once every 8 years is too much?

Fact:  There is a new policy for suggesting agenda items by owners.  You must submit your issue to Meritus Associations.  Meritus Associations will then forward the issue to the President and Vice-President for review. If the President and Vice-President conclude the issue concerns the community, it will be included.  Opinion: Our opinions and issues will be censored!  We are only 73 homes. How many homeonwer issues has the board had to deal with so far?   Does this say they really care about the community?    

Sanctuary at Oak Creek

Mike Oertel and Lana Goldfarb, both ex-ACC members and ex-HOA presidents have quietly and quickly sold their home, for $275,000 and moved out of the neighborhood  (July 2016) 

Are they bailing from the neighborhood because they were afraid of having to explain why they supported a frivolous lawsuit for the past 6 years?  Are they concerned there might be a large special assessment?  These two owners were two of the greatest supporters of Kelly Ann Coglianese who initiated the lawsuit.  

News Flash!

Get the latest news on the street right here!  The Sanctuary board strictly controls the flow of information and does not communicate to the homeowners.  Please contact us if you have information about meetings, financial statements, violation letters and selective enforcement that we can share.  The only way we will regain our neighborhood back is if we continue to share information and expose the lies and deceptions.

Final results of May 2016 vote


Finally, three months after the vote, the owners were sent a brief letter with a copy of the amendment that was passed.  No explanations.  The vote was on May 19th and the amendment wasn't recorded until August 1st.  I guess our HOA president and attorney Frazier are just too busy to record amendments on a timely basis?   The rental amendment was defeated, the amendment to board member terms was passed. 

Breaking News!  November 2017

HOA Insurance company pays $40,000 to homeowners who were sued by the HOA board, July 2017.  Sanctuary HOA pays $20,000 to homeowners,

from the contingency reserve fund, Sept 29, 2017. 

Board and Budget Meeting!  11/17/2015

The meeting to approve the 2016 budget will be held on 11/17/2015 at 6:30 p.m. at the Southshore Regional Library, 15816 Beth Shields Way, Ruskin.   The notice of the meeting was mailed to all homeowners with the 2016 proposed budget.  If you did not receive a copy of the budget, contact Debby Hukill at .

Breaking News!  1/2015

Sanctuary at Oak Creek registered with the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation.

Fact: Chapter 2013-218, Laws of Florida, amended Chapter 720, Florida Statutes, to require homeowners' associations to register with the division by November 22, 2013. 

Fact:  The Sanctuary at Oak Creek has registered.  Verify registration at and search for Sanctuary at Oak Creek.  Click here to view the list of the homeowners association reporting.  Note: Sanctuary at Oak Creek does not show up on the database. Registration contains addresses in both Hillsborough and Pinellas Counties.

There have not been monthly meetings!  The board has delayed the annual meeting. Last year's president resigned and Brian O'Connor is now president. 

Board meetings at 6:30 pm. Lake Fantasia Community Center, 8350 Fantasia Pkwy, Riverview, FL

Email Meritus Associations for the current meeting agenda. New property manager as of February, 2, 2015, Debby Hukill. Contact Ms. Hukill at

Kelly Ann Coglianese's husband, Chris Coglianese, has their home for sale!  (Home sold Nov 2016)

Are they now bailing from the community?  Does he realize that this has been a witchhunt by his wife for over 10 years?