Breaking News!  10/20/2014

"Someone" padlocks pedestrian gates to Sanctuary.  Are the homeowners locked in or is this to lock the outside world out?   Homeowners are notified via a sign on the gates.



  • Jo Ann Ward and another unidentified woman have been seen going door to door in the community.
  • Many homeowners have said that Jo Ann Ward was "asking" to collect proxies from the homeowners.
  • The community was not informed that Jo Ann Ward or any other person would be performing Association business by soliciting proxies from homeowners. 
  • No notice for any kind of board meeting was posted in the community.

Opinion:  Allegedly, a guest asks what Ward is doing walking door to door and that warrants a Cease and Desist letter from the HOA attorney?  If Jo Ann Ward felt the guest was hostile and threatening, why didn't she immediately call the police?  How did the board vote to pursue mediation without a board meeting. Did the board hold another illegal meeting?  Why should the HOA pay to have an individual represented by the HOA attorney?


  • Ward, acting as board president, allowed two male homeowners to verbally threaten another female homeowner at the last annual meeting.
  • The HOA attorney was physically present at that meeting and was a witness to the screaming and threats.
  • No cease and desist was sent at that time.
  • One of the threatening males was Ward's husband.

Opinion:  Why is the board now using HOA money for Ward's perceived threats?  This current HOA board is spending money with the HOA attorney at an alarming rate. Whatever happened to neighbors talking to neighbors?

Breaking News!  9/19/2014

HOA board hires Clinton Paris, attorney,on behalf of Jo Ann Ward.   A cease and desist letter and mediation request is sent to Joan Garcia and guest for allegedly confronting, questioning and accosting Ward.   Ward is alleged to have been performing Association duties. View the letter here.

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Breaking News!  10/3/2014

HOA board has board meeting to ratify hiring Bush Rossattorneys at law.

Fact: Board members continue to make decisions affecting the entire neighborhood without homeowner notification of meetings. No agenda was made available to homeowners before this meeting.  The meeting was held outside because the clubhouse was closed. The agenda is now available and can be read here.

Opinion:  The Sanctuary board held another meeting without proper notification on October 2, 2014.  How could they "ratify" the hiring of attorneys without a prior meeting?   Is the board holding email meetings which are not considered legal meetings?

Sanctuary at Oak Creek

Breaking News!  9/22/2014

HOA attorney says board members will not respond to DeFord and/or Saraceno directly.  Meritus Associations requires Saraceno to ask for documents with a request by certified mail. 

Fact: Board members continue to make decisions without meeting.  Meritus Associations has not uploaded board meeting agendas or board meeting mintues to the Sanctuary official website. The property manager is requiring written notice for access to documents that homeowners are legally entitled to view.

Opinion: If board members don't want to be contacted about HOA business, they should resign. Meritus Associations is afraid they will be sued?  Why?  Everyone's HOA fees pay for the services of the management company. The requests are for documents homeowners are legally entitled to receive and the board is legally required to provide.  Questions concern the 2013 year end financial statement, meetings, notices, and HOA procedures. Board members were also told about fraudulent statements in the election packet.  Why wouldn't they want to respond?  The board is having the HOA spend more money on legal fees by having all communications funneled through the attorney. 

Breaking News!  10/3/2014

Homeowner responds to Cease and Desist letter regarding presuit mediation.

Fact (Reply to letter reprinted with permission of Joan Garcia):

"Mr. Paris,

I have a hard time believing this letter came from your law office. It is so vaguely written even the date is futuristic. The process is to send a letter to notify the party in question. If this persists, send the cease and

desist letter to mediate. Lastly, if the parties are at an impasse, a court date would be established.

It is illegal for the Sanctuary at Oak Creek Homeowners Association, Inc. (the "Association") to retain you on behalf of Jo Ann Ward.  The Sanctuary at Oak Homeowner Association, Inc has no authority to retain you on behalf of Jo Ann Ward.

This illegal discussion and decision was made by the Sanctuary at Oak Homeowners, Inc. (the "Association") without a proper meeting. Jo Ann Ward needs to retain her own attorney if she wants to pursue this alleged accusation or file a police report on this alleged accusation. Then I will respond accordingly.

I feel you are abusing your power for financial gain."

Opinion:  This homeowner is not threatened by the HOA board. Her resolve to make things right in the community grows stronger with every attempt by the board to silence, threaten and/or punish her.