Reasons the ACC has given for denying 9070 landscaping designs:

  • Sod mujst be replaced with St. Augustine sod.
  • Sod must be replaced with sod.
  • The landscaping design does not conform to the community aesthetics and includes plant arrangements that unless regularly maintained will be unsightly.
  • The landscaping design does not meet the aesthetics of the community as there is very minimal surface for grass, turf or ground cover.
  • The mimosa groundcover proposed in the application is not approved for use by the Association guidelines. (This statement is hilarious. Does the association truly believes zoysia grass is the only approved groundcover when the majority of the yards have St. Augustine grass? )
  • The ACC has denied your request as submitted because this is not in keeping with the community.

And the craziest group of denials:

Sanctuary at Oak Creek

View emails from board member Kelly Coglianese to Melrose Management concerning her ACC approvals after the fact and before ACC meetings.  The emails indicate that Kelly Coglianese acted as the de facto architectural control committee and committee members followed orders.

ACC Apps and Denials

"Tyranny is the exercise of some power over a man, which is not warranted by law, or necessary for the public safety."  Noah Webster

View ACC applications and denials for 9070 and for other neighborhood homes.  9070 has continually been denied Florida-friendly plantings for years.  Yet other landscaping applications have been approved to allow mulch, stones, and stepping stones to replace sod. 

Homes of ACC and board members were approved with the same "high density planting congestion"  that were denied to 9070.  Neighborhood pictures prove that there are no objective rules for approving applications. Some approved landscaping designs violate the CC&R's with their lack of plantings.