The HOA board is managing our community with very few meetings. One of the last regular meetings was a telephone meeting where residents were not able to call in because Meritus Management didn't have the call set up correctly. The 2018 budget meeting was a conference call for the board members, but the homeowers were not given the same opportunity.  The homeowners had to attend in person. The local HOA treasurer is managing our finances from Germany.  Really? Yes, Kelly Ann Coglianese is and has been living in Germany.  Is that why there aren't any HOA board meetings?   Who really manages our community?  Why aren't the local board members responsive to the needs of the residents?  73 members are a very small community to be managed.  Why are the members not allowed to email the board members directly?


As of Jan 9, 2018 (per the Meritus Property website for the Sanctuary), Kelly Ann Coglianese has not resigned as HOA treasurer, despite the FACT that her Sanctuary home was sold (Nov 2016) and she resides outside of the United States. Why would Kelly Ann want to continue to be a board member?  Because she has to keep control of the board and the lawsuit!!  Obviously, the other board members have no opinions of their own and follow the lead of Kelly Ann.  So sad!

Sanctuary at Oak Creek

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Finally pays settlement monies after 4 month delay! 

Hearing set to recoup additional attorneys fees in Jan 2018

Homeowners file Motion to Enforce Settlement Agreement. Settlement terms are now public records.

Click on HOA Document Links to view the documents.

After a long & lengthy 7 years, the HOA board, its 4th attorney , the HOA insurance carrier and the 9070 residents have agreed to settlement terms in lieu of an even longer, costly trial.

Over $60,000 has been spent by the HOA on legal fees over the last 7 years in a lawsuit against the 9070 owners for "longstanding lawn maintenance issues" and "unauthorized landscaping changes".  We feel it is our obligation to expose the details and costs, as the HOA board has failed miserably by not timely informing the homeowners of the lawsuit and the unnecessary legal expenses.  The HOA finally paid their portion of the settlement out of the reserve contingency fund, without any notice to the other owners in the Sanctuary.

We are Dale DeFord and Suzy Saraceno.  Our home for 12 years was at 9070 Pinebreeze. It is our belief that this lawsuit is a personal attack against us and it is financially irresponsible for one or two board members to use HOA money to pursue this lawsuit. The whole sordid tale can be found here on this website.

The alleged lawn issues have been going for almost 10 years.  The lawsuit was filed in May 2010.  The Sanctuary homeowners were not told of this lawsuit until 2014. 

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